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Pooch Savers Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We were able to use the 2020 Purina Spring into Adoption Grant to help get some of our senior dogs, who often get overlooked, adopted.

We were able to significantly reduce our adoption fees and because of that, three senior dogs, including one with SIGNIFICANT medical needs, were adopted. Every time a dog gets adopted, it frees up space for us to rescue another dog. Getting these seniors adopted into loving homes may not have happened if not for the grant. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation and Purina!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Austin and Mason (first photo), both 13 years old, were surrendered to our rescue in REALLY bad shape. They’d been neglected for years. In addition to being filthy, matted and covered in feces, their teeth were rotted and cracked. After getting them cleaned up and settled in, we immediately got them dentals and they both needed several teeth extracted. It took a while for them to recover, but once they did, they were adopted together into an incredible home (second photo).

Peanut (third photo) came from a hoarding situation and had also been severely neglected for many years. He was another one who was in bad shape when we got him. Filthy, matted, with teeth in awful shape and his nails so long that a couple were curled in a complete circle (fourth photo).

Even though he was only 10 years old, physically, he was about twice that. He had arthritis. He was incontinent, heartworm-positive and senile. We did what we could as far as basic vet care, but found he needed a more thorough exam, so we took him to a neurologist to see what, if anything, could be done to help him. Sadly, the neurologist found that, really, he was only a candidate for some medication to hopefully reduce his senility and any pain he might be in.

We listed Peanut on Petfinder and in his bio, we stated exactly what the neurologist said. We got inquiries, but the main turnoff was his incontinence, which was understandable, but still, he deserved a forever home just like any other dog.

Well … in walks this AMAZING couple into our lives. They’d seen Peanut on Petfinder, read about him and were not deterred. They lived four hours away but they were not deterred. They submitted an application, and they got approved.

We then spoke to them at length on the phone. We painted the most bleak picture we could because we certainly didn’t want them to drive four hours and not have a completely clear picture of Peanut and all his issues. They still were not deterred. They drove up to meet and possibly adopt Peanut and you can see in the fifth photo what we were met with when we arrived with Peanut to do the introduction.

I mean, have you EVER? They’d had masks made in a matter of like a day. Before they even came to Dallas to meet Peanut, they just knew he was the one for them. In addition to the masks, they had a ramp built so Peanut could easily get to the backyard and they bought a pool alarm, all with no prompting from us! Peanut has been in his new home for almost two weeks now, and they love him beyond measure. He will now live the rest of his life as it should’ve been all along: being pampered and treated with respect like the precious dog that he is.

The reduced adoption fees, which we were able to provide because of the 2020 Purina Spring into Adoption Grant and the Petfinder Foundation, allowed these precious senior dogs to find homes!