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Atascosa Animal Allies: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We are very thankful for the Kia Pet Adoption Grant in 2022. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, many more dogs and cats have been surrendered to the shelter that we pull from in 2022. Many of these dogs and cats are timid or “common” in appearance and are more difficult to place in homes.

The grant allowed us to reduce the cost of adoption by $100 for each animal and get them adopted to good homes more quickly. The reduction in price was a deciding factor in all cases of adoption. Reducing their time in the shelter also helped the animals. We were able to get 10 dogs and cats adopted through this grant. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation and Kia!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Here are three of the 10 happy endings due to the 2022 Kia Pet Adoption Grant we received.

Horton (first photo) was one of our recipients of the Petfinder Foundation 2022 Kia Pet Adoption grant. Horton had been overlooked for a while and we just don’t understand why! He was a stray picked up off of the streets of Pleasanton, TX. He was tired, dehydrated from this awful Texas heat, and scared. No one ever came looking for him and he needed a wonderful home so he could open up and be the dog we all knew he could be.

With the help of the Kia Pet Adoption Grant, he found an active senior who will make him king of her castle (second photo). Happy life little guy!

Otto (third photo) came into the shelter surrendered by the person who’d had him since Otto was 6 weeks old. It was no fault of Otto’s; his owner moved and couldn’t keep him. Otto was so terrified of the shelter. He was scared of dogs and people.

A sweet lady came to the shelter and he wasn’t scared of her at all. She adopted him. She says he sits on command, goes outside to potty and has taken over her bed. It’s like he’s a totally different dog. He’s happy. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation and Kia!

Sable (fourth photo) is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful fur coat and a lovely personality to match her good looks. She had been living rough on the streets. She found shelter at an elderly couple’s home, where she delivered three kittens.

She was then moved to a foster home. Her babies are older and have moved on to other homes. Her foster provider fell in love with Sable and asked to keep her (fifth photo). Thank you, Kia and the Petfinder Foundation, for making this adoption possible!

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