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No Bully Left Behind: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Five Kong toys from the Kong product grant

No Bully Left Behind (NBLB) is a shelter for homeless bully-breed dogs. Our dogs normally come to us from really bad conditions – starving on the street, abusive homes, or sure death at the city [open-admission] shelter. When they come to us, they are safe, with their own kennel, bed and food -- but even the best shelters can be loud, chaotic and frightening places to live. Shelter dogs spend far too much of their time alone, with little to do. NBLB recognizes this, which is why we reached out to the Petfinder Foundation and applied for the Kong Product Grant.

Providing adequate enrichment is critical to keeping dogs' behavior from deteriorating due to boredom, stress and frustration. One way to do that is by providing the dogs with interactive toys like Kongs. Dogs can entertain themselves for hours getting that last treat or dollop of peanut butter out of a Kong.

Kong toys are perfect. They are extremely durable, safe and interactive. Thank you, Kong and the Petfinder Foundation, for giving a few of our lucky bullies a toy that they can truly enjoy; a toy that helps fill those long, lonely days waiting for their forever homes.

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Angus (first three photos) is a huge American bulldog who came to the shelter with a flimsy green frog. Angus carried that frog everywhere he went. Although he was very careful with this precious toy, after several months, Miss Froggy had only one eye and two legs left. We were so afraid Angus would swallow what was left of Miss Froggy and choke. When the Kong toys arrived, we were so grateful. Froggy quickly became a toy of the past; Angus and his Kong toy have become inseparable. He carries it faithfully outside every day – so the Kong is often mixed with peanut butter, treats and dirt. Angus is so proud of his new Kong toy. Meet Angus:

Crystal (last three photos) is a young English bulldog who has had a tough time with allergies the last few months. Since the weather has been very warm in Texas, allergies are terrible. Despite eye drops, allergy pills and salve, she hasn’t been her happy, goofy self. After a trip to the vet, we surprised Crystal with her new Kong toy, filled with peanut butter, and boy, did that make all the difference! She was running and playing and so happy. Kong made Crystal forget her troubles that day. We are working hard to stay on top of Crystal’s allergies, but at least now she has a distraction to help her focus on something other than licking her paws and scratching. Meet Crystal:

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