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Hill Country SPCA: REDI Training Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Through the CARE REDI training, we were able to identify our own biases that might negatively impact our communication with potential fosters, adopters, volunteers, and community members. We now feel more confident in reaching out to BIPOC communities, which are largely underserved, in our area. More pets in more loving homes is always a great goal to strive toward!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Recently, two partner County Animal Services reached out to us regarding separate hoarding cases that were seized and needed rescue tags. Because of the CARE REDI training, we were able to problem-solve and ultimately decided to modify a lot of our requirements to ensure emergency fosters for more than 32 dogs, including more than a handful of pregnant mamas.

From Evie’s foster: “Hi! My name is Evie, and I want to be your fur-ever friend! I am a cuddly girl that likes belly rubs and to give lots of kisses. I love to stay by my hooman’s side. I get along with my foster mom’s other Chihuahuas, even my pesky younger foster brother, Dewey.

“I love my foster doggie mom and dad. They are teaching me all about how to play with toys. I even get along with my foster uncles, Hamish and Seamus, my Mimi’s twin cats. We like to head bump and sniff each other. I am learning how to ride in a car and walk on a leash. I know how to use a doggy door and potty pads. I am learning about treats, and even special treats like peanut butter, Cheez Whiz, and Pup Cups! I will be a very loving companion and Good Girl if you take me home with you.” You can meet Evie here.

We are looking into changing our policies, based on this situation and the training, to better include what the leadership in the BIPOC communities say that they want and need, and not what WE think they want or need.

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