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Citizens for the Animals of Midland Odessa: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We took in 12 dogs and a kitten during Hurricane Laura. We thought we would be asked to take in more, but of the animals we did take, only four were young and healthy. Three of the dogs are heartworm-positive, and one is diabetic and heartworm-positive.

One of the dogs is a senior, has a stage-5 heart murmur, and will need a dental after he heals from his neuter. He was not doing well under anesthesia, so we have to wait and do his dental at a later date.

The kitten we rescued was found lying in a pool of water on a road. He is FELV+. We will re-test him in three months to see if it's a true positive result.

Dory, the heartworm-positive and diabetic dog, has been stabilized. We purchased two Libre sensors to let us regulate her insulin. At 4.5 lbs., she is very delicate.

Three of the dogs came from a terrible hoarding situation. The wife was a breeder and died three years ago. The husband was living in the house and had a heart attack during the hurricane. The dogs were discovered having lived in urine and feces for years. The home was damaged by the hurricane; luckily for the dogs, the hurricane actually saved their lives.

With the money we received, we were able to pay for some of their expenses. Red, Thelma Ann, Louise Kay, and Dory are all heartworm-positive and will be undergoing heartworm treatment. We were able to buy meds and supplies for Dory's diabetes. The three shih tzus were completely vetted and had dentals, and they all had various eye issues. Meadow, one of the females, had to have an eye removed due to glaucoma.

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Louise Kay and Thelma Ann are a bonded pair of Yorkie/dachshund mixes. They were surrendered to the Corrine T. Smith Animal Center in Brownwood, TX, by their rescue, Sweetie Pups in Winnie, TX, when Sweetie Pups was in the path of Hurricane Laura. The dogs have been fully vetted and received a full-panel blood work and dentals. They will receive fast-kill heartworm treatment, as their 30 days of meds prior to the treatment has just passed. Their adopter is willing to get them through the treatment.

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