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Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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This grant helped us with some of the costs associated with Momma Heidi’s emergency C-section.

Heidi was pulled from the Fort Bend County Pets – Fort Bend County Animal Services shelter on May 12, 2022. She was VERY pregnant. She went into labor on May 24. Her amazing foster mom noticed that Heidi was very much in distress, so she rushed her to the nearest ER.

When she got there, the veterinarian discovered that Heidi had a puppy that was oddly positioned and stuck in the birth canal. Without immediate surgery, Heidi’s life, as well as her remaining puppies’ lives, were at risk.

The veterinarian performed an emergency C-section. The puppy lodged in the birth canal was already deceased, but Heidi and her six remaining babies were thankfully saved.

Heidi and all her puppies have been adopted and are in their forever homes.

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