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A Doggie 4 You: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

At a time when almost all of Texas shelters and rescues are overrun with animals and understaffed, the Kia Pet Adoption Grant was a blessing. We were able to discount 30 dogs by $50 in order to get more dogs adopted.

One dog, a special-needs animal named Lincoln, was going to be hard enough to place by himself, but we were hoping that he could be adopted with his best friend he met at the rescue named Hazel. The reduction in price on both animals, along with their story, helped the bonded pair to be adopted together as we had all hoped and prayed for.

At a special adoption event on June 25 where all dogs were $250, we took 16 dogs, and 13 of them were adopted that day. We were especially grateful that one of the long-term dogs, Tango, was able to find his forever home at that event!

Happy tears were shed when Lincoln and Hazel were adopted together and when Tango found his forever family after trying for several years to find a good fit.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Lincoln’s (first photo) story started when his mother gave birth to eight puppies and, sadly, was killed the next day. A good Samaritan found her orphaned pups and began to bottle-feed them.

When they were only three days old, A Doggie 4 You agreed to take the puppies into the rescue. The pups got off to a rough start when two of the newborns died in their second week. The remaining six pups began to thrive at the rescue, were later neutered/spayed, and were adoption-ready in time for the Christmas adoption event. Luckily, the six puppies were adopted at the event by their new families.

This is where a wonderful Christmas story takes a turn for the worse! After being adopted, the six puppies became sick just two days before Christmas. A mysterious illness sent all six siblings to the vet, where two had to be euthanized, two showed signs of seizures — one of whom was Lincoln — and two never broke out with distemper like Lincoln did a few days before Christmas.

Lincoln never had an upper-respiratory infection or discharges, but he did show signs of gastrointestinal issues as a weanling. Lincoln was an amazing fighter and, in early February, tested negative for distemper. But due to the illness, Lincoln has a significant neck sway — a neurological issue — that will remain with him for life.

At about the same time Lincoln tested negative for distemper, Hazel (second photo), a young, sweet, and very loving female pup, was an owner-surrender at the rescue. Hazel was immediately a godsent companion and great friend for Lincoln.

After Lincoln recovered from distemper, Hazel helped him learn how to be a puppy. They constantly played together at the rescue. Then, on Feb. 27, both young pups were sent together to a foster family (third photo).

Oddly enough, when Lincoln was with Hazel, the head swing was less noticeable, but it was still there. We hoped to see Lincoln rehomed with Hazel, but we knew it was a long shot. To find a family willing to take on two dogs — especially when Lincoln had a handicap — would be the best option, but might be impossible.

With the love and support both dogs received while in a great foster home, on June 4, the bonded pair piqued the interest of a family. Hazel and Lincoln became best buds at the rescue and at their foster home, and thankfully will be together throughout their lives (fourth photo)!

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