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10th Life Surgical Center dba A DOGGIE 4 YOU: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Agility training equipment: (1) medium size teeter-totter, (1) 15' agility tunnel, set of dog weaving poles, 2-in-1 dog tire jump/ring and hurdle bar

Rescue Animal MP3 Music Project Equipment: Two Pyle amplifiers for MP3 players. Note: the Rescue Animal MP3 Music Project provided the MP3 players and cords to amplifiers for free via their nonprofit organization. However, we needed to purchase the amplifiers -- one for each dog building.

Stress-relief: Four Moropaky Heartbeat dolls for dog anxiety/stress relief

Fun time: One rotating automatic bubble-making machine and two gallons of bubble liquid

Toys: Chew balls, squeaky toys, plush dog toys, throwing balls, puppy teething toys

The Orvis grant helps by providing:
1) exercise equipment to train the dogs with
2) stress-relief for abandoned puppies without a mom to cuddle with
3) chew toys to occupy puppies and dogs with the need to chew
4) squeaky toys to engage a dog to prevent constant barking
5) fun time and exercise while chasing and popping bubbles
6) stress-relief from the construction noise as well as lessening the barking in our indoor and outdoor kennel areas of buildings 1 and 2 when listening to the special music composed for animals via the MP3 project

How many pets did this grant help?

160 dogs since the items arrived at the shelter, but it will continue to help many more in the future

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Walton, a 2-year-old Yorkie/Westie mix, was rescued from the streets of San Antonio along with his brother, Watson, and a 10-year-old whom we believe to be their father, Winston. Both Watson and Winston tested positive for heartworm, but luckily Walton was negative. Walton was a little skittish until he was NOT partnered with his brother. Without his brother, he wanted to play and really, really enjoyed getting a bath!

Once his photo was posted, it did not take long for Walton to begin receiving adoption applications. The perfect mom came looking for a second dog to help a shy dog she had rescued earlier this year from a different shelter. Her shy female dog had been a 5+-year unadopted dog at her former shelter. The shelter-veteran dog was slow to come out of her shell. After visiting our rescue, Walton’s new mom felt that her shy dog needed a friend, and that Walton would be a perfect fit.

Walton was not use to being around a female dog, but his new “sister” immediately took to him because that “shy” girl immediately wanted to play with him. Because Walton does great on leash, he taught his new sister what fun it is to go on long walks with Mom. No longer does his sister crumble into a pile on the floor when it is walk time. Now, she is ready to follow Walton and Mom all around the ranch on their daily walks.

Although Walton was a barker at the rescue, he reportedly has not made a sound in his new home, has not had any indoor accidents, and quickly learned how to use a doggie door. Walton’s new mom says he is the calmest, quietest 2-year-old dog she has ever had the pleasure to adopt. We are thrilled that he quickly settled in to his new home with a sister and a new mom who adores him.

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