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Ready 2 Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Five Thundershirts were donated

We received our Thundershirt grant on September 30, 2014. Our original thought was to use the Thundershirts on dogs that were scared and having a difficult time adjusting. We have branched out, and have been using the Thundershirts for some of our rescues, when they are unsure of day care, are scared (in general), or they need a little confidence building. We have seen very positive results in the areas of being unsure in day care and being scared of their new surroundings. We are currently trying it on a dog that needs some confidence building, in order to get along with other dogs. The results on that are still unclear. We would like to try it out on dogs that bark excessively, but have not had one in that category as of yet.

Some of our dogs are housed at Pappy’s Pet Lodge, where we are able to give them the opportunity to play in day care with other dogs. This helps them either develop good social skills, or keep good social skills. Many of the customers there use the Thundershirts with their dogs, and leave them when boarding their dogs there. The staff their have commented that they do help those dogs, especially with rainy weather.

We have included a few of the specific stories of some of our dogs that have used the Thundershirts we received with our grant. We plan on continuing to use the Thundershirts to help our dogs until they can get into their forever homes! We thank you again for choosing us for the Thundershirt grant!!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Cinnamon (first photo) is a sweet little dog that was owner surrendered at a local shelter. When we first met her, she was huddled in the corner of the cage, with her head down, and terrified. Ready 2 Rescue pulled her from the shelter and brought her to Pappy’s Pet Lodge, where we keep some of our dogs. She continued to be quiet and hang back against the walls during day care (not really wanting to play). We tried a Thundershirt on her, and she began to socialize with the dogs! Her head is up and you can see her sweet little face now! It has helped her come out of her shell and become the happy little girl she was meant to be!! She has since been adopted, and comes back to Pappy’s to play, so we get to see her often!

Leroy (second photo) has a sad story, as he was being boarded at one of the Pappy’s Pet Lodges, but his family did not come back to get him. He was at that particular lodge for over a month, and they contacted us to take him. Ready 2 Rescue took him in and transferred him over to the Pappy’s Pet Lodge where we keep some of our dogs. He is unsure of other dogs, and is not always good with them, so he has been put on separate rotation. We are currently trying to use a Thundershirt with him, to hopefully build his confidence, so that he can be with other dogs. He’s very sweet with people (even though his people abandoned him), and is still looking for a home. His story is not over yet, and we are still working with him with his Thundershirt. We are hopeful that he, too, will have his happy ending.

Charlie (third photo) came from a local shelter and was a happy girl, but was a little unsure of big dog day care. Once we put a thundershirt on her she became more sure of herself. She began to venture out to meet the other dogs! She is much better in day care and plays with the other dogs now. She’s a happy girl and has since been adopted into her forever home. She comes back for day care and boarding once in a while, so we still get to see her!

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