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Apollo Support & Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant money was used for the medical care of a Chihuahua named Wendy.

This grant helped us by providing medical care that was needed in order to make Wendy available for adoption so she could be spayed and get blood work, x-rays and more.

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Wendy is still available for adoption, as she was on hold for a while due to her health. She has not been spayed yet as we are trying to get some weight back on her after a bought of not eating and feeling well. We used the funds to get her multiple rounds of blood work, x-rays, medication and more. The first vet we took her to thought she had heart failure, so they performed x-rays and blood work and listened to her heart during an exam. There was no coughing present, but she had lost weight over the last few months and has a heart murmur, so we all agree that it must be true. The medication did not make her feel well and she wasn’t gaining weight, so we took her to a second doctor to get another opinion.

Through the second blood work and examination, they determined she did not have heart failure and took her off of her medication. Right now she is on no medicine, and is eating only wet food so that she can try to gain back the weight she lost. Once she gains the weight back we will see if she can finally be spayed and get her dental done that she still desperately needs. During that time, Wendy also had a skin infection that she had special spray for, as she was licking her legs constantly.

Wendy is a very little girl with a big personality. She does take a while to warm up to other people, as she lived with a mentally disabled person in the past who yelled at her often. When she gets scared she will fall over on her side. The good thing is that, over the last months that we have had her, she has come out of her shell a lot. She gets excited when her foster comes in the room and is all tail wags! She likes other dogs but can be a bit picky over food sometimes. Wendy has a deformed arm, most likely due to an old break from when she was a puppy, but it does not cause her harm or really disable her much from moving around. She can still jump up on a couch or a lap with ease. Wendy is doing well going to the bathroom on puppy pads and likes to cautiously explore the back yard as well.

Meet Wendy:

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