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San Antonio Pets Alive!: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Petfinder Foundation's $1,000 gift was used to aid our operations by covering medications, cleaning supplies, and operating costs during the COVID-19 crisis. This gift came at a time when we were financially vulnerable due to COVID-19, and ensured that we were able to continue our lifesaving work. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

The grant helped keep our animals and staff safe from disease, contamination, and infection during a perilous time. The funds were used to help us purchase scarce but essential cleaning and medical supplies that we desperately needed in order to save lives.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Financial assistance from the Petfinder Foundation enabled us to keep precious animals like Lobo safe and cared-for during the pandemic.

Lobo came into the city’s shelter so covered in Demodex mange that he was named “Lobster.” When he entered Sara’s loving foster home, his face was hairless, swollen, and crusted with sores that would open and weep, and his legs and chest were in horrible shape too. To say the least, Lobo was very hot, hurting, and miserable!

When Lobo entered into foster care, veteran Demodex foster Sara began his transformative treament with Bravecto, Cephalexin, vitamin E, melaluca, and fish-oil capsules, which kill the mites that came in on the fleas and help treat the skin.

From the very beginning, Lobster was a loving boy with a fantastic demeanor, and Sara changed his name to Lobo, which means wolf.

By week two, Lobo was no longer swollen and was even in the mood to play.

Although Lobo initially spit out his much-needed medicine, Sara discovered that putting his medicine in Velveeta was the trick to keeping him on the road to recovery!

Week three was a game-changer for Lobo: His skin pigment changed from bright red and we started to get an idea of what his fur color would be.

At week four, Lobo was covered with soft peach fuzz, and by week five, he was cleared for surgery and healed from his upper-respiratory infection.

This very handsome boy’s picture was uploaded onto Petfinder and his story was shared with local media. By the end of the day his story aired, he had five applications for adoption!

At week six, Lobo got adopted! Lobo isn’t 100% recovered yet: He will still grow more hair and fill out, and his forever family will get to see the end result of his beautiful transformation.

Currently, Lobo is loving his life with his forever family and gets even more handsome and wonderful by the day.

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