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Texas Humane Heroes: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Texas Humane Heroes took in 23 dogs for the Humane Society of Central Texas, the Waco-area municipal shelter, to assist with overcrowding due to a seizure of 56 dogs from a hoarding case. Following the arrest of the accused dog hoarder, the Humane Society of Central Texas took custody of the 56 dogs under court order. This effectively froze the kennel space available to public animals and put 23 dogs in immediate jeopardy of euthanasia.

The funds provided by the Petfinder Foundation allowed Texas Humane Heroes to take all the dogs in jeopardy into our adoption program. Texas Humane Heroes had all the dogs evaluated by our veterinary technicians, vaccinated, tested for heartworms, started on preventative care, microchipped and spayed or neutered.

Without this grant, Texas Humane Heroes would not have been able to afford to rescue these dogs. As a private organization, we do not receive any government funding to help support our mission. We rely on donations, grants, and modest fees for services to save the lives of cats and dogs throughout Texas.

How many pets did this grant help?

23 dogs were affected by this grant

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

In early February 2015, Texas Humane Heroes took in 23 dogs from a local municipal shelter that suddenly became full and animals were going to be killed because of space constraints on the facility. Pandora was one of the dogs for whom Texas Humane Heroes was charged with finding a forever home. Pandora was a 2-year-old black terrier with white marking on her stomach and paws and beautiful brown eyes. She was playful and a people pleaser, but was being passed over. TXHH tried housing her with other playful dogs to show off her spunky side, with mellow dogs to show what a cuddler she was, and still no takers.

Texas Humane Heroes finally found Pandora her forever home when she was taken to a Hero Town offsite adoption event. TXHH hosts offsite adoptions at local pet-supply stores every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to find our dogs wonderful forever homes. While at one of TXHH’s Hero Town locations, Pandora found the perfect family. The Chambers family was visiting their local PetSmart when they saw Pandora and fell in love.

She has been in the home for three months now and has settled in quite nicely. She is now named Maggie and has a sister named Miley with whom she loves to play or just lounge around on a hot day.

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