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Pug Rescue of Austin: Dogly Do Good Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Pug Rescue of Austin spent 100% of the Dogly Do Good grant funds ($1,000) on essential veterinary care for dogs we rescued this summer.

The Dogly Do Good grant has helped Pug Rescue of Austin continue its mission to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and homeless pugs in the central Texas area. Thus far in 2015, we have rescued 108 dogs, 42 of whom were rescued over the last two months. Thanks in part to the generous funding received from the Petfinder Foundation, we have not had to turn away a single pug in need and have been able to provide the essential veterinary care they needed to become adoption-ready.

How many pets did this grant help?


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Thanks to a Dogly Do Good grant from the Petfinder Foundation, Pug Rescue of Austin was able to save Wally and provide the medical care he desperately needed. Wally is a senior pug who was seen wandering around the Walnut Creek Trail in Austin, Texas, for about a week in July. He had been visiting with people and soaking up attention but was overheating because of daily temperatures above 95 degrees. A good Samaritan picked him up, took him into her air-conditioned car, and contacted Pug Rescue of Austin for help. Wally was immediately brought to the veterinary clinic and was in early heat stroke upon arrival, with a body temperature of 105 degrees. After he was cooled down and stabilized, it was discovered that Wally had a microchip that traced back to the local shelter, where he had turned up as a stray a few years prior. The shelter located a previous owner who claimed that Wally had been given to her but that she did not want him. Thus, Pug Rescue of Austin assumed full responsibility for his care and paid for the medical treatment he needed for his various maladies.

Wally had severe ear and nasal-fold infections, rotting teeth that were causing intense pain, and arthritis, and he was covered in fleas and filth (see photos). When Wally was bathed, his clumped fur and matted undercoat were stripped away to reveal a beautiful, squeaky-clean boy. He was then vaccinated, started on pain medication and antibiotics for his infections, and subsequently underwent dental surgery to remove all the abscessed teeth. Wally now looks and behaves like a different dog from the poor soul who had been knocking on death’s door when he was rescued. He is now living without pain or infection, has started losing weight, and is a joyful, outgoing pug. Wally is living the pampered, indoor life that he deserves in a loving foster home and is now available for adoption at

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