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Bay Area Pet Adoptions: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Thank you for the $1,000 disaster grant. We used it towards:

Generator purchase - $864.92
CND plumbing for repair of frozen water pipes - $150

The Disaster Grant allowed our small shelter to recoup part of the funding loss needed to continue our mission of rescuing and finding permanent homes for our homeless cats and dogs.

Due to the loss of the state's power grid from the Texas Artic Storm, our small shelter had to quickly purchase a generator, extensions cords, and gasoline, in addition to the repair of an overhead water pipe that broke due to the freeze.

One of our dedicated staff members stayed at the shelter to make sure our cattery and the dogs who didn't go into foster care were kept safe and warm. The purchase of the generator and additional supplies were paramount to our animals and our staff member staying warm and safe during the five days that our shelter was without power.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Odin is just one of the 36 animals whom the Petfinder Foundation Disaster Grant significantly helped.

Odin was an 11-year-old shepherd mix who arrived at our shelter with weakness and pain in his back end, significant hair loss, open sores, and severely itchy skin, in addition to being caked with urine and feces. After a much-needed bath and shave, Odin’s sparking personality shined, making him a “talkative” shelter favorite.

Odin had a foster family who took him home frequently, but during the Artic Storm he was at the shelter. He didn’t live in the kennels, but had his own large, gated area in the office building.

As his coat was kept shaved while his skin healed, he wore a sweater to help keep him warm.

Our staff member who stayed on-site and in the office area made sure that Odin was kept warm and toasty, as were our other animals, thanks to the generator.

A few short weeks after the Artic Storm, Odin had a fabulous meet-and-greet with his new mom and canine sister. Odin’s new mom loves him so much and she has all of the skills and knowledge to make sure he is happy and well cared-for during the rest of his days. In fact, Odin has a brand new little sister who is paralyzed. His mom brought her home from the vet’s office where she works. We continue to receive frequent updates and fun photos of Odin in his new home!

Odin is very happy and loving life and we are thrilled to have been a part of his journey!

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