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Wilson County Animal Control: A Shot at Life Vaccination Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?


With the vaccinations we received we were able to vaccinate all the animals that were brought into our facility.

How many pets did this grant help?

Over 100

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

On July 25, 2012 we received a call from the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department. A lady’s property was foreclosed on and she left everything including her two dogs. When we arrived there we saw two very energetic dogs come bounding towards the truck happy as could be they appeared to be Pointer mixes. When we opened the boxes on the Animal Control truck they each jumped into their own box. Being that they were so far out in the country we named them “Luke and “Bo” both health and both had been neutered, and a joy to be around and to play with.

A local rescue took “Luke” on November 13, 2012 he was adopted about 2 weeks after he got there but “Bo” didn’t get to go with him to the rescue; they didn’t want 2 dogs that looked alike. We were so happy hear that “Luke” had gotten a good forever home, and we waited an prayed that they would come and pull “Bo” too but they didn’t.

We posted Bo on Facebook, took him to adoption events had someone come in and work with him, but no one wanted “Bo”. We new “Bo” was special because of the Heart shape spot on his right side. One our officers, who would take “Bo” to the adoption events, would also take his children with him and noticed that “Bo” was very good with kids and loved all the kids that would stop to see him. We told another rescue in our area about how Bo is with children and they knew a lady who would take in foster children and wanted a dog that is good with kids. So Bo went for a trial run, we received work that as soon as he arrived he was the perfect gentleman, he greeted the lady with love and affection and all the children with the same affection and was gentle and kind and loving. Miss Betty put Bo’s bed next to hers and she said he knew immediately that it was for him and he slept there all night without a peep. She says its like he has always lived there, he even got a ride in a wagon behind a four wheeler the night before…life has taken a turn for the better for this abandoned dog.

“Bo” was with us from July 25, 2012 to April 6, 2012, 9 months, we were lucky that he never got sick. We here at Wilson County Animal Control work very hard to keep our facility clean and to keep all diseases and germs at bay. We are the 4th largest County in the State of Tennessee and cover 500 square miles, 95% of the dogs we bring into our facility are malnourished, may have the mange, most all have tape worms, fleas, and tick. There is no telling how long they have been without food, or water, or what they have been exposed too.

With the vaccinations not only can we vaccinate the adoptable dogs but can also vaccinate all dogs coming into our facility and help to prevent any diseases that may come through the facility with each dog we bring through.

“Rocky” Blue Heeler Mix 8 month old pup now lives in Indiana his new mom says he likes to go out to the barn and take a nap with the colt that is about the same age as he is.

“Romeo” a Bichon new parents called this morning and said that he love camping, fishing and riding on the boat.

“Slimm” found in a field with a bag of dog food Chihuahua mix, “Scooter” has a flea allergy no hair when we brought him in a Yorkie Mix, and “Dyna” tied to a mail box on a busy highway a Pomeranian no one ever called to claim all live here in Lebanon with a wonderful couple who love to ride their motor cycles so they all have biker names. Wanted to add Slimm, Scooter, and Dyna but maybe next time.

Thank you again for the vaccinations we have helped so many with them, and without them who knows what would have happened.

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