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Fayette County Animal Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

With the help of this grant, we are able to put funds towards our Senior Reimbursement program, as well as help with Cisco's vet care and food. Cisco is a very sweet, special senior who is still waiting for his furever home.

Cisco is eligible for our Senior Dog Adoption Reimbursement Program! For select senior dogs, FCAR will offer a senior reimbursement program of a maximum of $300 per year for the life of the animal. Qualifying purchases include only the following items: wellness exam, annual vaccinations including Bordetella, and heartworm prevention. The adopter is responsible for taking the animal to their veterinarian for all services. Once the service is received and paid for, adopters can submit copies of their receipts and we will send them a check.

We are so appreciative for receiving this grant from the Petfinder Foundation and want to thank you all for everything you do for shelters!

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Meet Cisco! He is living in a wonderful foster home, but we’d love for him to find his furever family soon.

Cisco is the old man you have been waiting for! Given the chance, this pup will spend all day sunbathing and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Due to his old age, Cisco has some accidents, so he would be better suited with someone who can be home to let him out every few hours.

He has lost most of his teeth, but that does not mean he has no appetite! Cisco would love to live out his time hanging out and listening to the birds chirp the day away.

He is in a foster home so here are ALL the details on him:

1) Mobility: He limps when walking, but he does trot a little. I wouldn’t call it a run by any stretch, but he moves faster once the other dogs head inside the house because he doesn’t want to be outside without them if they all go out together. When he stands still, he holds up his left leg or tucks it behind or in front of his right leg.

2) Food: He likes to eat multiple small meals or graze off and on. He likes Iams Senior Pate. He will eat dry food if it is the only thing in bowl or if you give him 1/2 of each. He is on Purina 30/20 to help him gain weight faster. The food is small pieces, so it works for him and his lack of teeth (he has maybe four or five in there).

3) Housetraining: He “knows” that he is supposed to potty outside because he will go outside if you take him out every 1.5 to 2 hours. Sometimes he will go to the door, but he makes no noise. There are some accidents in the house on a daily basis. We’ve been intermittently using the male doggie-band wraps.

4) Sleeping/crating: He is not a fan of a crate, so sleeps in the gated half of the kitchen overnight.

5) Vision: It is obvious when you look at him that he has vision issues. When he first got here, he walked into the walls, chairs, etc. Not sure if it was nerves, eyesight, or just being wobblier at the time, but he seems to be doing this less now. It might happen again in a new place. He does seem to be more stable and stronger now than when we first brought him home. He can find the back door without a problem.

6) Interaction with dogs: He doesn’t really interact with the other dogs. He might walk by and sniff them, but otherwise he doesn’t try to engage them.

7) Likes/Dislikes: He likes sunbathing and looking out the door into the backyard. I have a memory-foam dog bed by the door and one by an interior kitchen wall, and he rotates between them.

He is NOT a snuggler, at least not with me. I’ve worked up to about three minutes of holding him and petting, but he has no desire to be on the couch with me in the evening after a couple of minutes.

He is used to being picked up by us and doesn’t seem to mind that. He’s okay with having his feet wiped off when wet. Hates having his face or butt washed. When you wash his face, he actually tries to nip at you — which is comical because he has no teeth.

Cisco’s date of birth is April 5, 2007, and he weighs about 10 lbs.

You can meet Cisco here.

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