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Humane Society of Lincoln County: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used to subsidize both reduced and waived adoption fees.

We were able to waive adoption fees for veterans and reduce adoption fees on some of our harder-to-place animals.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

One specific pet who comes to mind is Quielo (first two photos). Quielo was found tied to a four-foot chain in the yard of a burned-out house. His owner had been in jail and, when released, only fed and watered the poor dog once or twice a week. The poor guy was underweight and had a terrible skin condition. His ears had been cropped so close that he hardly had any ears left. Still, after all that, he was still a sweet, loving boy. Of course, being a pit bull didn’t help his situation due to the negative reputation that follows this breed. To make matters worse, he was diagnosed with heartworm.

We thought his luck had changed when a retired veteran came by the shelter, fell in love with him and took him home. With the help from another rescue group, RADAR (Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk), we were able to raise the funds to pay for his heartworm treatment. Being a recipient of the Petfinder Foundation New Year, New Home Grant, we were able to waive the adoption fee. Seems like all is great — but not so fast! When Quielo’s new owner’s son came to visit with his family and saw that his father had a pit bull living there, he told his dad that either the dog goes or neither he nor the grandkids would ever be back to visit. Consequently, Quielo came back to the shelter. Poor guy was so depressed.

A couple of weeks later, a truck driver comes in and wants to adopt Quielo so he can travel around in the truck with him. Sounded like a great fit, as Quielo just loves going for rides. Once again, off he goes, only to be returned again because the boss of the trucking company wouldn’t allow him to travel in the truck and the owner’s elderly mother could not take care of him. Once again, Quielo is back at the shelter.

Several weeks pass, then one day this sweet young lady comes in and just falls in love with him. So in love that she actually is crying. She promises to take him for his heartworm treatment and give him the best home ever. Again we were able to waive the adoption fee and, with our fingers crossed once again, we said goodbye to Quielo (first photo). I guess the powers that be were finally smiling down on him, because he is now in a loving home and is receiving all the love and attention he deserves. It really was a New Year, New Home for him.

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