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Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Daisy's adoption fee was waived and the funds were used for medical expenses and for her foster care and relocation to her forever home.

Senior dogs are hard to adopt due to age and high medical expenses. This grant allowed YTNR to waive the adoption fee on Daisy and find this senior girl a loving home with a family that could otherwise have not been able to pay the high adoption fee but will provide a loving environment for this wonderful senior furbaby.

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We had been fostering Daisy since May 2017, when she was surrendered to YTNR. She was well cared-for and loved very much during this time. Her medical needs were all addressed and she needed a dental, all her shots, heartworm testing, etc. This adoption is one of the best matches we have ever had and I personally have fostered more than 150 dogs! Angel is a disabled, stay-at-home empty-nester. Her husband commutes to work and is gone 15 hours a day! Angel needed a companion to help fill her lonesome days. Daisy has become the center of attention and main focus of this couple since the moment she set paw in their home. Daisy is featured on almost daily Facebook posts, showing off her variety of sleeping spots, hair bows and squeaky toys. I’m not sure which of them is happiest! It truly is a great match, and Daisy will forever be doted on.

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