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Agape Animal Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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The funds awarded were used to sponsor the adoption fee and to provide post-adoption financial support (ongoing medical care and behavioral training) of a 9-year-old senior dog, Dolores, in Agape's Signature Foster and Adoption Program to increase her adoptability as a senior and harder-to-adopt pup.

This grant helped our organization sponsor the adoption and post-adoption support of a harder-to-adopt senior dog with high medical needs and mild resource-guarding issues. As a result, she was adopted into a loving home and is doing very well.

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Dolores, a 9-year-old poodle mix, came to Agape’s Signature Foster and Adoption Program in early December 2020. She had been surrendered to a local county shelter after displaying behavioral issues.

After Dolores settled into her foster home, Agape spent time identifying her needs, both behavioral and medical. Dolores has mild resource-guarding issues and has been working on building her confidence and calm behavior. In addition to this, Dolores was recently diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and bladder stones. She is on regular medications that total approximately $100 a month.

Of course, being a senior with a particular personality and higher medical needs, Dolores was a more difficult-to-adopt pup, and she had been in our program for almost a year.

Thanks to funding from the Petfinder Foundation, Dolores was able to have her adoption fee sponsored, as well as generous post-adoption support that would cover a significant amount of her medical care and behavioral training.

As a result, she was subsequently adopted by her foster mom, with whom she had already developed a loving bond. As a senior dog who is known for being a little cranky, it was great for Dolores to be able to remain in her foster home, where she had become comfortable and settled, with a loving, nurturing caregiver with whom she had already developed significant trust and love.

Dolores’ foster mom, Julie, had grown to love Dolores and was able to care for her as a foster parent with Agape’s support, but had understandable concerns about committing permanently, given Dolores’ health issues. When Agape was able to offer Julie some ongoing/bridge support for Dolores’ care post-adoption, the decision to become her forever home became very easy for Julie and very easy for Agape! Dolores was already home.

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