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Agape Animal Rescue: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The products were used to provide enrichment toys and tools for dogs in our signature foster and adoption program. Additionally, the products were also given out to pet-owning families who attended Agape's Community Canine Coaching Classes.

These are classes ranging from one-day to 4-week that offer basic behavioral training to prevent intake, and are offered on a low-/no-cost basis to people from underserved communities who may be at higher risk of surrendering their pet due to behavioral issues.

Enrichment activities are an important part of the curriculum. As some families were attending on a scholarship, we provided the KONG enrichment tools to them at no cost and to help provide enrichment and stimulation for their pets at home.

This product grant helps dogs who are new to the program and overcoming social, medical, and behavioral issues during foster care, for which enrichment is helpful in providing decompression and destressing activities. We are able to provide these products to our foster families at no cost.

In addition, in our Community Canine Coaching Program, we were able to provide these enrichment toys and treats to families who otherwise may not be able to afford them to assist them in their behavioral training and efforts to move towards responsible pet ownership.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Dottie was adopted as a puppy from Agape’s foster and adoption program after she was dumped at Metro Animal Care and Control alongside her seven littermates at just 4 weeks old without their mother. She is pictured in the first photo on her adoption day with her canine big sister, Doris.

Dottie was adopted quickly, but has needed additional support post-adoption due to neurological issues, anxiety, and other common behavioral issues that did not resolve as she grew out of puppyhood.

Dottie participated in Agape’s four-week Community Canine Coaching Program to learn basic behavioral training and to socialize with other dogs, and in doing so her owner learned more about the benefits of enrichment.

Since receiving a KONG toy (second and third photos), Dottie has benefitted from the mental stimulation and opportunity to engage in natural behaviors at home (Doris has as well). These items have made a great difference in both the pups’ and their owners’ quality of life, and Dottie has remained happily in the home.

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