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New Hope Dog Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used towards Bobbi's adoption fee and veterinary costs after his adoption was finalized, which included tests for his diabetes and Cushing disease and medicine to treat those conditions, as well as cataracts.

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This grant directly assisted us in successfully adopting Bobbi out to a loving forever home. He had been with us for 21 months, but we had been unsuccessful in placing him until we received this grant. We’d had quite a few applications for him, but once we disclosed how much his monthly medications cost, the adopters backed out. The grant paid for Bobbi’s adoption fee and we are using the remainder by paying for Bobbi’s medical costs at the adopter’s veterinary office until the grant has been spent in full.

From his Petfinder profile: “I am Bobbi, a handsome shih tzu-bichon cross. I am 8 years old. I am crate-trained and house-trained. I currently weigh 10 kg. My foster mom takes me on daily walks to make sure I get my exercise. A guy has to look good!

“I have been diagnosed with diabetes and Cushing diseases. I am on medications for that and take them without any fuss! I will need these medications for the rest of my life and once you apply to meet me, my foster mom can give you more details about that.

“Now that you have read my story, I am sure you realize how special I am. I am looking for a loving family who will understand my needs. Having diabetic cataracts, I have virtually no vision in both my eyes. I do learn quickly to be mobile and independent. I need to go to a home with another canine sibling to help me adjust and settle in. Being diabetic, I need to go out every few hours to use the bathroom, so I do need a home where someone is home more.”

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