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Dusty Tails Animal Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The Dusty Tails team prides ourselves on pulling the dogs most others won't. This can oftentimes mean that the dogs need significant medical care and treatment. For a rescue, this is costly. However, we know these pups deserve nothing shy of the most amazing chance at their next phase of life.

When we were incredibly low on resources, we were fortunate enough to be awarded the Emergency Medical Grant. We were neck-high in vet bills and worried about how we were going to make them all. The silver lining arrived when we heard from the Petfinder Foundation that we would be able to cover a portion of Louise's medical expenses, and we cannot express how thankful we are for the opportunity.

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Louise found herself in a rural shelter in South Carolina needing immediate lifesaving surgery. Given its complexity, it was more than the shelter could handle and we knew we HAD to help.

Louise was rushed to our vet and it was found that she had pyometra and a mass on her ovary the size of a coconut. Louise was anemic and lost a lot of blood. However, she has since made a FULL recovery and has been in foster with her foster dad, who SPOILS her endlessly.

This senior girl gets to sleep in the bed with her foster dad, where she takes up more than half of the bed, we may add. She also gets watermelon as a snack with yummy treats on top of her kibble at meal times.

Now that Louise has had a taste of the good life, she cannot see it any other way. Louise is still looking for her forever family to love her just as much as her foster dad, and we hope to find a family for her soon!

Thank you to the Petfinder Foundation for helping us save this sweet girl’s life — she is worth every penny.

You can meet Louise here.

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