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Kind Keeper Animal Rescue: P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The beds are used for our shelter dogs and puppies. We are usually full and have up to 10 adult dogs and up to 25 puppies at any given time.

Our adult dogs LOVE the raised beds, especially the older ones who like a bit of comfort. The Chill Pads are very helpful to have in our hot South Carolina summer!

How many pets did this grant help?

Since we received the beds, 40 animals have benefited.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Windy is an adult dog who came to us after being attacked by other dogs as she cared for her nine newborn puppies under a trailer (her puppies were rescued along with her). She had severe puncture wounds that had gotten infected and burst open. Windy required intensive veterinary care with IV antibiotics, surgery and multiple skin grafts to heal her wounds. Windy is a gentle soul. She is very shy and timid. Our volunteers work with Windy daily. It took a couple of months for Windy to even leave the shelter for a walk in the neighborhood. Windy spends most of her day comfortable in her kennel, lounging on her Kuranda bed. We had someone interested in adopting Windy; however, they were not willing to come spend time with her so that Windy could develop trust and willingly walk out of the shelter. Our volunteers work with Windy daily and hope that one day that special person will meet her, fall in love and be willing to allow Windy the time she needs to trust them enough to leave the shelter with them. Until that day arrives, Windy is safe in our no-kill shelter enjoying the comfort of her raised bed. Meet Windy here.

From a March 11 Facebook post: “Kind Keeper rescued Windy and her nine puppies on Thursday. She came to us from the Marlboro County Animal Shelter because they had no room left when she arrived at their shelter. Windy has had a rough life. She was badly attacked by two other stray dogs, but still limped back to nurse her babies under the trailer where she had given birth. She is emaciated, a skeleton at 40 lbs, and is barely able to stand on her own. Windy has been to the vet on Friday and again this morning. She has some very serious wounds that are open and infected. She is being hand-fed and is eating well. She is nursing her puppies and we are monitoring them all closely. Windy is in for a very long road to recovery with her wounds. Despite all that she has been through, Windy is a gentle soul, loving and so very cooperative. We need to continue to raise funds for her care. We will chronicle her journey and keep you posted.”

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