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k9.5 Rescue: Dogly Do Good Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Medical care

We were able to take in and help a dog who was hit by a car.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

We applied the $500 Dogly Do-Good grant to the care of Botti (pronounced “Bodie” — formerly Buster Brown), a sweet Pit Bull/Retriever mix who has had multiple rounds of bad luck. We were contacted about Botti by a good Samaritan who found him on the side of the road just moments after Botti was hit by a car. She and her family took him to a vet where radiographs showed that he had a broken pelvis and several wounds on his skin. He was also FULL OF PELLETS.

They contacted us for help, and we began working on finding him a foster. At the time there was nobody coming forth to foster, and it was frightening because we really wanted to help him. I’d personally met him and he was so incredibly sweet. He shook when he saw me walk up because he was terrified I’d hurt him — shook earthquake-style. Once I pet him and talked to him for a minute, he wagged, gave kisses and couldn’t get enough of me. I instantly knew we had to help him. His heart was pure as gold and someone had taken advantage of that and been very cruel to him.

I talked with the lady who found him for a bit, and she agreed to foster…hooray!

We immediately got all of his vaccines, his fecal and deworming, and heartworm-tested him…to find out he was positive. *Crying*

So at this point he’s been abused, shot and full of several pellets (including one in his penis and one near his heart), had several wounds, was hit by a car, and is heartworm-positive.

A few weeks later I got a call from the lady who found him and was fostering him. She asked me if he had Pit Bull in him. I responded “yes” and she said it was a problem because her family did not want Pit Bull around because they would kill the grandkids. The lady’s daughter refused to bring her children to her mother’s house. In addition, the lady’s husband wanted him gone.

The poor dog couldn’t get a break.

The lady who found him broke down in tears when I picked him up because she loved him dearly. A totally different attitude than the rest of her family, her heart was broken. However, strife had developed in her family because of Botti, and it was not wise for him to remain there.

Botti was neutered and had to board after surgery while he recovered (a safety issue because of his hips and heartworm status) and until we could find a foster home. Finally, a gentleman decided he needed to help this boy and offered to foster. He and Botti met and have bonded heavily.

Once he is fully recovered with his hips and neuter, he will finish heartworm treatment (is currently on the recommended protocol prior to treatment). We’ve put the entire grant toward Botti’s care.

This darling boy deserved nothing less than love and now he’s finally getting it. He is so gentle, so intelligent and has so much love to give…we’re just so proud of him. His foster daddy says he’s an incredible dog.

So thank you…thank you for allowing us to help Botti improve his health and get on the right track. We look forward to him being fully recovered and heartworm-free!

Take a look at our handsome man! The first two are when I met him and took him to the doctor. The others are more recent in his foster home. 🙂

Thank you again!

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