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Crossroads Animal Rescue: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This money donated was put towards offsetting the costs of bringing an animal into our rescue. The money went towards helping decrease the costs of neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, and deworming one of our puppies who was recently brought into our rescue.

This grant helped in the process of finding our animals loving and forever homes. Grants and donations like this not only help vaccinate, medicate, and care for the animals in our rescue, they also help us market our animals to the public by taking them to adoption events. These grants also assist with the promotion of adoption and educating our community about responsible pet ownership. Through this grant we have been able to focus more on training the horses in our rescue, getting more of our animals into foster homes, and finding volunteers to spend time with the dogs and cats that come through our rescue.

How many pets did this grant help?

42 dogs, 10 cats, 6 horses, and 1 rabbit

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Since the donation was made, we have been able to find foster homes for many of the animals in our rescue, specifically Alladdin (first photo), a Labrador retriever/Plott hound puppy. Alladdin and his five siblings came to CARE after being rescued from the local shelter. These sweet puppies had been outgoing and happy from the start and we have thankfully found homes for four of them since. Only Alladdin and his brother Genie are left and they are currently in foster homes getting all of the love and care they deserve.

Another success story is that of Louie and Lucas (second photo), two brothers who were brought into our rescue as orphaned kittens. This adorable pair was rescued from the local shelter when they were only about three weeks old, after their mother and siblings had died. A volunteer with our rescue bottle-fed them every day until they were old enough to eat kitten food. Louie and Lucas formed an inseparable bond, and the volunteer who bottle-fed them adopted them together shortly thereafter. They now have the good life and enjoy scaling furniture and watching their beta fish friend swim around in his tank.

Finally, sweet Penny (third photo), a 3-year-old pointer mix, had recently been returned to our rescue after being adopted out last year due to a change in her owner’s circumstance. Unfortunately Penny was being overlooked due to the fact that she was not a puppy, even though she was incredibly sweet and loved to go on walks and hikes with our volunteers. During an adoption event weekend, Penny’s luck changed and she was adopted by a wonderful family who have spoiled her ever since.

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