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Moustache Adoption de Chats: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Initial care of cats recently rescued.

Because of COVID, we do not have access anymore to the low-cost spay/neuter clinic. So we now use a private vet clinic that made an arrangement with us and the grant paid for the price difference. That way, we were able to rescue new cats and kittens and get them adopted and put the money back in the account and rescue some more. It took us out of a major slowdown and started us helping again.

How many pets did this grant help?

About 14

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

We rescued a litter of four kittens — Philo, Seren, Tessa and Murphee (first photo) — from a barn with too many cats. There were sterilized, vaccinated twice, treated for parasites and microchipped. Philo and Tessa have since been adopted. Seren and Murphee are still available. Meet Murphee here. Meet Seren here.

Polka (second photo), an FIV-positive cat we received in July 2018, has finally received a great adoption application through Petfinder. The grant will cover part of the dental work he needs before moving to his forever home soon after surgery.

Kiko and Sophia received the same treatment as Murphee et al. They were found playing dangerously near a pool in a suburban backyard. Sophia has been adopted. Kiko has received several adoption applications, so he is on hold while we process them.

Kokoa (third photo) received a dermatology consultation, as she was simply unadoptable and suffering from continuous itching and hair loss. Her condition has stabilized. Her new owner will continue the treatment.

Salty and her kittens Coal, Graphite, and Icy had giardia, which is especially unappealing to potential adopters. They have had a coprology and medication and are ready to find new homes. Icy is already reserved. Salty has been sterilized and her kittens will be on September 15. Meet Salty. Meet Coal. Meet Graphite.

Machiavel (fourth photo) is a tall and skinny longhair cat of about 10 years who was found with an oozing mass on his neck and a major case of combined giardia and coccidiosis. He his still under treatment and his foster home cannot wait for him to be cured. The mass will be removed as soon as he is strong enough for the surgery. He will be posted on Petfinder when he is well enough for adoption.

Edouard (fifth photo) got consultations and medication to control his chronic rhinitis. He breathes better, though still not normally. He enjoys life and affection and gives tons of it back. He will need medication all his life, so we are looking for a special person to adopt him. Meet Edouard.

Leo J, Lea J, Gaby J and Olive J (sixth photo) are four kittens rescued recently who are available for adoption after vaccines and sterilization. They were found in a rural area where people go camping with kittens in the spring and leave them behind in the fall. Locals are forced to deal with the problem. So we took quite a few of them in our program in the last few years.

Toffee II is a 10-year-old cat who had a very bad case of gingivitis and his owners were in too poor health to take care of him. He is now fostered by a veterinary nurse who is doing her best to bring him back to health after his dental work. He is not yet available for adoption or posted on Petfinder.

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