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Second Chance Animal Rescue Villalba PR: Disaster Grant Report

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Second Chance Animal Rescue suffered horrendous winds and torrential rainfall that severely damaged the perimeter fencing and kennel fencing and tore off a portion of our rescue shelter at the end of the 2017 hurricane season. The Petfinder Foundation's Disaster Grant funds are assisting SCAR's contracted engineers to stabilize the perimeter retaining walls in order to replace the severely damaged fencing. Keeping our rescued animals safe is one of our highest priorities; therefore the Petfinder Foundation’s support is imperative to rebuilding the rescue shelter so Bonnie Lukas can continue our mission to save stray and neglected animals in the community.

Because our pets have been rescued from abandonment and neglect on the streets of Puerto Rico, safety is one of Second Chance Animal Rescue's highest priorities. The perimeter fencing at the shelter not only ensures the animals are safe inside the rescue shelter, but also provides enrichment for our animals by giving them the ability to run, play and socialize in groups. Since the devastating damage to the rescue shelter perimeter fencing and kennels, our rescued dogs have been limited in the amount of time they can exercise and relieve their stresses; therefore, these repairs, made possible by the Petfinder Foundation, are so important to the care of SCAR's rescued animals.

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At the beginning of the 2017 hurricane season, Second Chance Animal Rescue received a plea for the rescue of three blind puppies found abandoned on the streets of Humacao, Puerto Rico. These young male Labrador siblings, in the care of our founder, Bonnie Lukas, have been nurtured into healthy, strong boys. Stevie, Ray and Ronnie have thrived, socializing with other SCAR rescued dogs in the safety of the rescue shelter. They run and play, not letting their disability hold them back. They are wonderful, loving pups who are waiting for their perfect, forever adoptive families to open their hearts to them. Meet them:

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