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Lucky You! Animal Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Physical therapy for one of the cats in our rescue

This grant was used to fund the twice-weekly therapy sessions for Bobbi Lee, one of our foster cats. She currently goes to WAG and receives physical therapy and acupuncture. The therapy has been helping to strengthen her hindlimbs and promote her overall mobility. She also walks on an underwater treadmill to help strengthen her legs and try to get her standing up straight!

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Bobbi Lee came to us as a tiny kitten unable to use her back legs. She also had issues with her bladder control. Bobbi Lee immediately began seeing our vets to come up with a plan. We knew that, while she was a baby, it was the most critical time to set her direction and take action.

Bobbi began biweekly therapy five months ago to strengthen her “good” leg, as the one she completely drags may need to be amputated. This is to give her the best shot at mobility. She does acupuncture and physical therapy weekly. Her foster mom works on her exercises to help keep her strong. Bobbi Lee is a happy, healthy teen now who thinks life is grand and nothing stands in her way. Attitude is her strength.

We are so close to completing her therapy and getting our vets’ final evaluation of how to proceed, and whether amputation of one of the back legs would be beneficial. Bobbi Lee has not been adopted yet because she is still undergoing treatment. However, once she is given the all-clear from our vet, we hope someone scoops her up quickly!

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