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Pawsitively Pom Rescue: Dogly Do Good Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money received from Dogly was used towards the medical care of our one very special rescue pups. We accumulate medical expenses almost daily from vet visits, surgical procedures, diagnostics and medications, so this grant gave us some relief in providing the necessary care to Paris.

The grant was a tremendous help to pay our vet bill for Paris to be spayed, have some cysts removed, and a dental she so desperately needed. It also covered her blood work, EKG and x-rays.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Paris came to us as an owner surrender at the age of 13. The day she was picked up by our volunteer, we knew she’d lived a horrible life. She had an open wound on her left leg that was black in color, a twisted spine, and the left leg was contracted at the shoulder. She immediately saw our vet that day. Paris suffered some type of trauma, possibly being kicked. An x-ray confirmed her spine was curved from the neck halfway down her back and the bones had actually fused together from not getting proper treatment. The wound on her leg was infected and an x-ray showed an old fracture that did not heal properly. She was also diagnosed with severe dental disease, a Grade 4 heart murmur, and Grade 4 luxating patellas.

When we posted her story and photo on our public Facebook page, we instantly got an application for adoption. Her potential adopter met all our criteria and agreed to foster to adopt Paris. After her leg was healed she was spayed and had a dental. She pulled through perfectly and healed up fast with the care of her new momma. Once her stitches were removed, she was officially adopted into the perfect home with a fursister who loves to snuggle with her.

For all she has been through and her physical deformities, she is the sweetest diva we have ever met!

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