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Pawsibilities Animal Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money granted was used to attract potential adopters for three of our senior bonded siblings who have been in our care for more than a year. The money was used to cover adoption fees, transportation, basic necessities and food for three months.

This grant helped Pawsibilities to feature the bonded trio and get more interest in them by offering fee-waived adoptions and help with their care for the first few months.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Little Lee, LB, and Baby Girl came to Pawsibilities after their owner passed away after a long illness. Little Lee and LB are siblings and Baby Girl is their mom. From the moment they entered our shelter, they clung to each other and sought each other out for comfort and play. When LB went to our medical facility to have dental work done, Little Lee and Baby Girl would look around our adoption room to find him. When LB returned, his mother and brother would sit and comfort him. One of them was always with him until he was feeling better.

While Little Lee, LB and Baby Girl are bonded, they each have their own sweet and wonderful personalities. Baby Girl, while the smallest and seemingly the most meek, is really the leader of their pack. Baby Girl is a great mom and very tolerant of her boys, but also lets them know when she has had enough of their shenanigans. She loves pets, brushes, and treats. Baby Girl is a snuggler with people. Little Lee is the larger of the boys. He enjoys his treats and sneaking up on his brother and pouncing for playtime. LB is a little more distinguished than his playful brother. He enjoys our outside pen, lounging in the sunshine, playing with his brother, and special attention from his person. This trio would do best in a quieter home that could provide lots of love and, of course, treats.

Because this trio came to us bonded and older, we were having difficulty finding a family that would take all three seniors. With this grant, families were attracted by the waived adoption fee and help with care for the first few months. Because of the Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Grant, the bonded trio this grant helped was able to stay together in a loving home. Little Lee, LB, and Baby Girl will live out their lives happy and cared for in a loving family.

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