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Zoe's House Rescue: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant was a great opportunity for us to help make some of our "less-popular" dogs look more enticing for our community! We were able to use these funds to reduce the adoption fees of these dogs, so those dogs that may have been more expensive were reduced and were able to be adopted into the community we serve!

We always put our pups' needs first. By having more interest in these dogs, we are able to match them to the perfect homes more quickly, and doing this opens up more opportunities to save more dogs, since we are fully foster-based!

How many pets did this grant help?

We have used the money spread out over 10 or so dogs, allowing us to reduce the adoption fees of those dogs!

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

We are happy to report that Skye was adopted! Skye had been with us for almost two years. She was a sweet gal, and was looking for a very specific home. We are thankful that this grant allowed us to reduce fees and get her adopted!!

Skye came to us from a commercial breeder, and we were surprised to find out upon her arrival that she was going to give birth any day! She had her last ever puppies in a warm home, surrounded by humans who helped and cared for her.

After the puppies were weaned, we knew Skye was going to need extra love and time to find her forever home. While she was settling into her new life, we realized she had some orthopedic problems, which turned out to be bilateral hip dysplasia.

From Facebook, Feb. 7, 2023:
If you’re looking for the best friend you’ll ever have, look no further! Skye is a 3 year old Great Dane who clocks in around 100 lbs. She came to us a little over a year and a half ago with a belly full of puppies and some of the most horribly twisted back legs we’ve ever seen. She gave birth to seven beautiful puppies and was the absolute best mama. It was then time to take care of Skye’s mobility needs.

This past August, she underwent the first of two surgeries to correct her back legs. She went through several months of recovery and rehab. She then had her second surgery in October and has now healed beautifully and is ready for her perfect forever.

Skye is truly a unicorn dog! She loves everyone she meets and is amazing with kids. She is great with other dogs and pays no attention to cats. Skye needs two things to ensure a perfect day: at least 23 hours of snuggling and/or a soft bed and for her food to be served punctually. She will literally do a dance for her meals! She has very much become a favorite among rescue volunteers with her sweet disposition and willingness to love, despite her beginnings of pain and continuous breeding.

Skye’s ideal forever family has the following:

•A single story home or a home with few stairs for her to navigate.
•Financial ability to continue her on her regimen of supplements and to take her to lifelong rehab to ensure the longevity of her legs
•A fenced yard
•A soft bed to curl up in by a window with lots of sun
•Time to dedicate every day to snuggling together
•Food. All of it.

Skye will require lifelong dedication to maintaining her mobility. She is on multiple supplements and will require rehab therapy to help ensure a pain-free life as she ages. While she loves food, she will also require attention to her diet so she maintains a good weight for her legs. Any children in the home must be 6+ and be dog savvy and aware of her leg issues. Skye is spayed, had a gastropexy, and is up to date on vaccines and preventatives.

All potential adopters must be within 2 hours of Reading, PA and be willing to travel for a meet and greet.

We got her the surgeries she needed and, after recovering, she was ready for her forever home! This grant was able to facilitate Skye’s adoption!!

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