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Humane Animal Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds have been used to provide ongoing care to Fetty, a senior cat adopted from Humane Animal Rescue on the last day of November (Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month).

Fetty needs extra vet attention for the remainder of her life. Although this commitment to Fetty's needs made a few potential adopters hesitate, Fetty was able to quickly find a home after the announcement that one year of post-adoption care would be paid for. Fetty was adopted by a staff member of Humane Animal Rescue who fell in love with her at first sight. The cost of care was an obstacle that this staff member, Amanda, was worried she couldn't afford. After hearing about the grant, Amanda wasted no time in taking Fetty home!

Fetty had her first follow-up appointment in early January. She's adjusting well to her new home and is receiving the specialized care she needs.

This grant helped Fetty get adopted. Fetty, being a senior cat with dental disease and early kidney disease, and needing ongoing blood work and fluids along with a specialized diet, was having a hard time finding a committed home.

With the grant, Humane Animal Rescue was able to offer the first year of Fetty's care free of charge. After this announcement, Fetty had no problem getting adopted. Without this grant, Fetty may not have found a loving home so quickly, where she's been able to relax and enjoy her golden years.

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Fetty came to Humane Animal Rescue in late October 2019. At her senior-pet exam, it was noticed that this older cat had poor body condition and dental disease. Her blood work came back consistent with early kidney disease. She was also losing weight despite a good appetite.

With a specialized diet and ongoing subcutaneous (SQ) fluids, Fetty stabilized and and was made available for adoption. To keep her healthy, she would need frequent vet visits for blood work, a specialized diet, and an owner willing to give SQ fluids to keep her creatinine level stable. The level of hands-on care needed, along with the price tag associated with that level of care, drove away a number of potential adopters. After receiving the Purina One Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant, Fetty was adopted quickly by a staff member who is dedicated to giving her the care she needs and the love she deserves.