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Indiana County Humane Society: Bar Dog Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Indiana County Humane Society used the money from the Bar Dog Grant for vet trips, medications, and special dog food.

This grant helped us provide our dogs with the special foods they need for their diets. We have many dogs in our facility who need to be on specific food just for them, and this grant helped us pay for that. We also had a couple dogs who needed to go to the vet and get medications for issues they were having, such as medications and steroids for skin issues. This grant helped our dogs so much and we are so grateful to have gotten approved.

How many pets did this grant help?

It helped all our dogs, but it really helped two of them the most.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Jed (first four photos) came to ICHS as an owner surrender in June. When Jed arrived, he was severely overweight and in great pain from being overweight. He weighed around 140 lbs. He could barley walk; he would walk for a few minutes and then need to sit or lie down to catch his breath.

Jed has had to make several trips to the vet for his weight. They put him on a special food and a weight-loss plan. ICHS noticed one day that Jed was acting unlike himself, so we rushed him to the animal hospital, where we found out that Jed had a bunch of rocks in his stomach.

The vet gave Jed something to see if he would pass the rocks on his own before deciding whether he needed to have surgery. Thankfully, the medication worked and Jed passed the stones on his own. After Jed recovered from the stones, we got him back on his weight-loss plan and he is down 30 lbs.!

Jed now weighs around 110 lbs. and is running and playing in the pool every chance he can get. Jed is still with us for the time being.

Fronz (bottom two photos) came to ICHS as a stray. Fronz was a mess: He had a horrible skin condition and an infection in one eye. Fronz was also so scared when he came to us, he did not want anyone to touch him or come near him.

It took ICHS some time to get Fronz comfortable with us. We took him to the vet and he needed drops for his eye infection and an antibiotic. They also put him on medication for his skin along with a steroid.

Fronz was incredibly thankful when he finally started feeling better. Once he was finished with his medications and all healed up, he became available for adoption and got adopted in a week! Fronz’s new owner has contacted us to keep us updated on his progress and she has said that Fronz is a completely different dog and is such a happy guy.

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