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Pennsylvania SPCA: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant money generously provided by the Petfinder Foundation was used to help cover a portion of the cost of Brownie’s extensive medical care.

The Petfinder Foundation grant helped us care for Brownie and her special medical needs resulting from cruelty and abandonment. Brownie has received lifesaving care and rehabilitation. She is now safe and sound as she awaits her forever home.

How many pets did this grant help?


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Brownie, a young pit-bull mix, arrived at our shelter in June of 2018 without much longer to live – a victim of unimaginable cruelty. Brownie was found abandoned in a small park in North Philadelphia. Someone had wrapped her in a fitted sheet and left her to die. She had severe bite wounds to her head that had never been treated and were necrotic. She was covered in maggots that were eating her rotting skin. She was so weak that she could not stand.

Upon Brownie’s arrival, our Shelter Hospital staff went into full-blown emergency mode. Brownie was septic, and her blood counts were so low she needed an immediate blood transfusion. Brownie’s condition was touch-and-go for several days, but it was obvious to everyone who met her that she wanted to live. Her spirit and affection towards everyone never wavered, and now she has recovered wonderfully.

Due to her injuries, Brownie did need to have much of the skin on her head removed, including one of her ears. She received skin-flap surgery to replace the missing skin and to cover her ear area. Happily, Brownie’s health is now stable, but she may need another surgery in the future. She is ready for adoption and patiently awaiting her forever home! She is a very energetic girl who is seeking a family that can provide basic training, love, and fun adventures! You can find out more about our sweet Brownie here.

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