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Save a Yorkie Rescue: WAHL Grooming Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To groom rescued Yorkies who came into our care.

It helped us transform dogs like Pee Wee, whose story is below.

How many pets did this grant help?

Multiple (final number pending)

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

While stalled dead in traffic on the I-95 corridor around Baltimore, a couple noticed a small movement on the side of the road. They wondered what it was: a kitten? a groundhog? Just a little mat of tangled fur. Traffic wasn’t moving at all and, curiosity getting the best of them, they got out to investigate the puzzling bit of movement. Instinctively, the man reached down to touch it and there was a soft whimper. The filthy fur ball was alive and in danger of being hit on the expressway. The situation called for a quick decision. They looked at each other; then the woman scooped it up using her purse so as not to touch it because its smell was so offensive. With the quivering tangle of fur securely stashed, they got back in the car.

They drove the little mystery to a nearby animal shelter and dropped it off before reluctantly proceeding on their way. The shelter workers gently began to trim away the mats and tangles. Bit by bit, knot by knot, they uncovered a very small, sick Yorkshire Terrier in dire condition weighing little more than a pound. Emaciated, scared and bewildered, its legs were welded together and to its body with filth and hair. The dog could not move on his own. They cut the mats so he could stand and finally take some trembling steps.

They found he had two full sets of very bad teeth. He was probably over 9 years old – old for a dog with nothing going for him. Before committing to the major amounts of treatment it would take to bring him back from the edge, they had to find out if there was someone to take him in and actually do the work to save him. Since the little dog was a Yorkie, they Googled “Yorkie rescue” and found Save A Yorkie (SAY) Rescue online.

Would SAY Rescue take in a sick, half-starved, older Yorkie? Yes! Yes, we would. Yes, SAY would take over the vet bills and foster him until a permanent home was found for him. All he could wish for was granted! From lying by the side of an interstate, stinking, dirty, unable to walk, he had won the dog lottery.

The dog was picked up on the Mason/Dixon line — small and frail, shaved to the skin, with bones protruding, he stank so badly we had to drive home with the windows down.

The dog was neutered, had dental work — 17 teeth pulled — a heartworm test, two vaccinations, and a microchip inserted, all in one day!

SAY organizers Marilyn and Don took on foster duties themselves. He was such a tiny dog, Don suggested the name Pee Wee. No harness would fit him, not even a cat’s. Although he had been shaved, he hadn’t been bathed and he reeked of urine and feces.

To the rescue: Wahl’s Four In One Shampoo – over and over again, bathe, rinse, and repeat. Finally, the fresh clean smell of lavender and chamomile was all that was left. He smelled like a flower. He knew he was clean at last and he finally lifted his head in pride.

Just three months later, Pee Wee is hefty for his size – almost 4 lbs and fuzzy as a peach. The Faughners knew he was a keeper – they adopted Pee Wee, now an obedience-class graduate who loves to go for long walks carrying his favorite toy, Pumpkin Man, every step of the way.

Thank you Wahl’s! You’re a keeper too!

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