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Save A Yorkie Rescue: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

As with almost all of our funds, the grant was used for veterinary expenses.

This was a very small grant of $45. But every bit helps. This money went for veterinary expenses for a Yorkie named Messi.

How many pets did this grant help?

One dog specifically.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Last Saturday. That’s the day the lights went out forever for Jessi, the tiny Yorkie. See his beautiful little face? He knew, yes Jessi definitely knew, something was up on Friday. Things weren’t right. She was doing it again. She was gathering all of his things – his bed, his toys – they were all missing. Everything was disappearing. His bowl was gone too. It could only mean one thing. He was going away. Again. Leaving home. He hated that. He and his big brother, Hank, a Springer Spaniel, were going to be sent away from home. She had sent them away before but they had come back home after a few days. It hadn’t worked out in the new homes. Jessi had been so HAPPY to come home! He had hoped he was home forever. Cause Jessi is one of those Yorkies who loves his home and his family. He loves to cuddle with his mom on the sofa, and loves being with his people, playing with friends and taking walks with this mom and playing with Hank – ahh, life was so good …

But Jessi soon found that he and Hank, whom he had grown up with, were being sent away again, this time to live with a family friend. What could he do? Dogs don’t have choices. So he picked up his favorite chew toy, and headed out the door, but he turned just once to look over his left shoulder at his mom to make sure she was okay, then trotted out to his new adventure. It was the last time he would ever see his mother or his home, or anything, ever again.

Jessi jumped out of the car and followed Hank into the new yard last Saturday. Jessi was ready to explore and find out all about this new place. They had a yard and Jessi got busy investigating the new smells all around him.

Who knows what triggered the attack? Jessi will never be able to tell us. Perhaps a dog barked nearby. Was there a loud backfire of a car? Did someone drop a trashcan lid and scare the nervous dogs? For some reason, while Hank and Jessi were alone in the back yard, Hank savagely attacked Jessi, crushing Jessi’s head in his mouth, impaling Jessi’s eyes with his teeth.

The family friend screamed and ran to pull Jessi out of the big dog’s mouth, not noticing the tremendous damage the attack had done to Jessi’s eyes. But it was over for Jessi. He was blind – totally and completely from that moment, and forever. The light went out for him, but the pain had just begun.

No one noticed that Jessi’s right eye had been ruptured. He was bleeding and in shock. For over an hour, no one did anything at all for Jessi, who stumbled and lay still, shivering in shock.

More than an hour and a half passed by before anyone really took the time to examine Jessi. Someone finally looked at him and saw that one eye had swelled up terribly and there was blood in the other eye. That’s when they decided to take him to the vet. The news was bad. As bad as it could be. His right eye had to be removed immediately. It was shredded. The left eye had a torn retina and the sight was gone. Jessi was blind. It was permanent. In one terrible moment in a back yard, his best friend had altered his life forever.

Oddly, the friends said they would keep Hank, the Springer Spaniel who had attacked Jessi. But because Jessi was now blind, he was no longer welcome. Jessi’s mom was moving to Florida and her new place didn’t allow pets.

Desperate to find a place willing to take a newly blind dog, Jessi’s mom contacted Save A Yorkie Rescue. We said yes, we would take him and work with Jessi. He needed to be rescued and we were his last best hope. Jessi has had all of his medical needs taken care of. He was neutered just yesterday and will be ready to be adopted soon.

Jessi is learning to be blind and adjusting much better than you might imagine. We are taking tips from the vets and helping him learn his way around his new foster home. Jessi is still the sweetest dog, just 4 years old and about 4 lbs. He would love to come to a family who will have time to spend with him as he learns to navigate his new universe. We won’t let him be treated with pity. He is a treasure. The new family will need to ask for him because he is a precious little guy that would make anyone happy. Meet Jessi:

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