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Stray Cat Blues, Inc.: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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Smoky was a senior, three-legged black male cat who was abandoned when his owner moved out. A Stray Cat Blues volunteer went to his home and trapped him.

He came to his foster home in June, dirty and sad. Soon after arriving in foster care, Smoky blossomed. He became a friendly, purring machine who loved to play with a wand toy. And he was hysterical getting the zoomies on three legs.

He was a senior kitty with arthritis, so he did receive a monthly injection of Solensia. There were other ways to treat his arthritis as well. His vet did feel he had allergies. He liked to scratch his neck in one spot. He did have an ointment in case he scratched too hard.

Through this grant award, Smoky was adopted within three weeks of our offering the adoption incentive. Because Smoky was a senior with health challenges, the financial assistance to his adopter for monthly injections was beneficial in ensuring he found his forever home!

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Smoky, a 16-year-old, three-legged black domestic shorthair cat, was rescued from an abandoned house this winter. Scared and in pain, he needed medical attention for chronic arthritis as well obesity.

Smoky, who at first was terrified and sad, quickly opened up in his foster home, and with medical attention, weight loss, a special diet, and lots of love, he was ready for adoption!

Finding the perfect adopter for Smoky was tough, given his senior age and pre-existing medical conditions, which both limited his mobility and required costly monthly treatment.

Through this grant and adoption incentive, Smoky was adopted within a few weeks of our obtaining the grant and offering the incentive! Smoky will now live in a forever home with a wonderful owner and several feline friends.

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