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Stray Cat Blues, Inc.: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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Through this grant, Stray Cat Blues, Inc., was able to provide an adoption incentive package to help Libby find her loving home! Libby, a senior cat with arthritis and thyroid disease, was in foster care for several months without any adoption interest.

This grant provided a year's worth of medications, vet visits, and a waived adoption fee to incentivize her adoption. Within three days of listing the adoption incentives package, Libby had an approved adopter! She is now in her forever home, enjoying the rest of her life, thanks in part to the Petfinder Foundation!

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Libby was adopted on June 20, 2022! Libby, age 11, was abandoned by her owners after a tornado wrecked their apartment. The landlord let her stay behind while repairs were made.

In February, five months after Libby was left alone, a friend of the family reached out to Stray Cat Blues for help. The apartment was now ready to re-rent and poor Libby was being evicted with no place to go!

Libby is an extremely sweet cat. She must have been so lonely to be on her own for so long without human company! She just loves people and will purr nonstop and vocalize a greeting every time you enter her room. She will follow you around and loves to snuggle up next to you, whether you’re sitting on the couch or in bed sleeping.

She can entertain herself and plays like a kitten at times. Libby has hyperthyroidism and arthritis. Given her age and medical issues, she had no adoption interest.

Through this Petfinder Foundation grant, Stray Cat Blues, Inc., was able to offer an “adoption incentives package,” and within three days of grant-award, Libby had interest from an approved adopter! The subsidized medications and veterinary assistance helped seal the deal! Libby is now home with her forever human, thanks in part to the Petfinder Foundation!

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