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Stray Cat Blues, Inc.: P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Through this grant, Stray Cat Blues, Inc. (SCBI), was able to provide these fantastic new beds to cats residing at the Whiskers Way Station (WWS). These beds provide a comfortable place of relaxation to cats within the rescue who are seeking additional socialization or decompression prior to adoption.

The WWS provides this opportunity in a home-like setting. Cats at the WWS enjoy comforts that a traditional shelter could not provide. These beds will also provide comfort to moms and kittens as we enter into kitten season.

While the average length stay of a cat within SCBI foster care (or at the WWS) is 32 days, senior cats or cats requiring additional socialization or medical attention often wait much longer prior to adoption. These beds have provided and will continue to provide comfortable resting places for many cats passing through the loving care of SCB and into forever homes.

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Hamilton, a handsome orange gentleman, was very excited to have the luxury of relaxing on a brand new P.L.A.Y. bed!

Rescued from a high-[volume] open-intake shelter in Philadelphia at only a day old, Hamilton had a rough start to life. Bottle-fed, he was nurtured back to health by Stray Cat Blues volunteers and adopted as a kitten.

Sadly, his family surrendered him back to SCB when they could no longer care for him, and Hamilton again found himself in the care of SCB volunteers.

Stressed by the situation and major life changes, Hamilton spent some time at the Whiskers Way Station to decompress and was recently adopted by a loving new family!

While in SCB’s care prior to his recent adoption, Hamilton had the pleasure of enjoying the brand-new P.L.A.Y. beds thanks to the Petfinder Foundation! He is one happy, lucky feline.

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