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Kiski Valley Cat & Kitten Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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Flower is a senior cat (over 13 years old) and has been at the shelter her whole life. Besides being a senior, she also has litter-box "issues" which often deter potential adopters. Finally, someone expressed interest in Flower, but a recent vet visit showed that Flower is in stage-3 kidney failure, anemic, and in need of a dental. During her dental, the vet had much difficulty extracting her teeth, getting only half her mouth in over 2.5 hours. The vet decided to stop at that point and finish the other half another time. The vet did say Flower was very dehydrated and showed signs of cancer.

We applied for this grant to assist Flower's adopter in providing the necessary food, fluids, medications, etc., that she will need for at least six months.

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A couple of weeks after her dental surgery, Flower began making progress, eating treats and capturing the hearts of everyone at the clinic, even her vet.

Due to her medical issues, Flower’s vet has offered to adopt her so that she can get the daily care (fluids, special food, meds, etc.) that she will need to prolong her life. Once Flower has fully recovered, she will go home with Dr. O, where she will live out her golden years in a home of her own — one she has deserved for a long time.

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