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York County SPCA: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We received the Kong grant that provided us with Kongs valued at $349.75. This product is used in our kennel for enrichment of our shelter canines.

Our organization did not have to spend any of the funds from our operating budget to provide the products needed for our shelter canines. Kongs allow our dogs to be treated to toys that we sometimes fill with food so that they are appropriately occupied in between the walks from our volunteers. Our canine population often has to spend more time in the kennel than some of them are used to and the toys allow them to use their down time to their advantage.

How many pets did this grant help?

There were approximately 28 Kongs delivered to us, which were given to 28 different dogs. These Kongs are cleaned daily, which allows us to distribute them to other canines. Overall, this product grant will benefit every dog in our kennel over time.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Introducing Jasper! This 2-year-old Lab/shepherd (first photo) was surrendered when his family moved. This big, handsome boy doesn’t hold grudges, though, and is excited to start a new life with some lucky family! Jasper is a happy, fun-loving boy who is looking for an active, fun-loving family to join. No couch potatoes need apply — this boy is looking to explore the world and have some fun! Jasper would love to attend obedience or agility class with his new family. Being smart, food-motivated and eager to please, Jasper would surely be a star student! Thanks to the Kongs awarded to us from the Petfinder Foundation, Jasper is able to work off some energy with responsible chewing! Jasper has gotten along with the dogs he has met so far, but cats are unknown at this time. Meet Jasper:

We can’t believe it, but Yellow Jasper (second photo) is STILL looking for a loving family! Fun, eager-to-please boy seeks fun, active family! Thanks to the Kongs awarded to us by the Petfinder Foundation, Jasper is able to play and be kept occupied while he is waiting for his family. At only 6-12 months old, Jasper was surrendered because the landlord did not allow pets. Jasper has reportedly been around children ages 7+ and did very well. Jasper has gotten along with the other dogs he has met, but cats are unknown at this time. Jasper is an energetic young guy looking for an active family that will help him experience all the world has to offer! A big fan of the kiddie pools at the shelter, Jasper is even already crate trained! Jasper is ready to leave the kennel behind and enjoy life as a beloved family member!

The mom of this wonderful pup (third photo) was a transfer from another shelter that did not have the resources and space to separate their canine population. Mom came to us pregnant. She had a litter of fluff-ball border-collie-mix puppies, plus one oddball that we are preparing to place on our adoption floor. Thanks to the help of our wonderful staff, fosters, and volunteers, we are able to care for the mom and puppies and provide them with our best until loving homes can be found. The Kongs awarded to us by the Petfinder Foundation are certainly helpful to keep the curious puppies occupied, as they are always ready to chew!

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