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Stray Kitty Rescue: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

With the help of the Kia Pet Adoption Grant, Stray Kitty Rescue was able to reduce our adoption fees across the board. This helped us operationally by giving us some financial relief for the neutering and spaying of our kittens while also giving them a better chance at getting adopted.

With seven successful adoptions since the grant was received, we were able to continue fulfilling our mission to get cats off the streets and find them forever homes. These adoptions have also helped us build credibility and strengthen our relationships with other members of the cat-rescue community, which will pay dividends as we continue to grow and rescue more cats.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

On a rainy February morning, a good Samaritan and her two kids found Butterfly, a social-butterfly mama with five newborn kittens (first photo). The good Samaritan called us to save the day!

We took in Butterfly and her kittens and began caring for them to ensure they grew into healthy, happy, and playful kittens. After the kittens were weened and we’d received the grant, we reduced Butterfly’s adoption fee and she was able to find a home before her kittens.

The kittens — Princess Leia, Ashoka, Jyn Erso, Rey, and Han Solo (second photo) — found homes very quickly with their lower adoption fees. It was bittersweet seeing them go after watching them grow from only a few days old, but we are so happy they found loving homes where they can get all the attention and love the deserve.

Two of our older kittens, Munchkin and Lucky (third photo), also benefited from this grant and were adopted as well. One day, a concerned cat lover called us to save two stray kittens. Sadly, one of their siblings had been hit by a speeding car.

We went out in the cold of winter and spent hours trying to trap those tricky cats. Munchkin, the sassy tabby, was quick to warm up to people. She was shy at first but soon she was romping around the house with the other cats like she had known them for years.

Munchkin was available for a few months on Petfinder, but when we reduced her fees with the help of the grant, she quickly found a home.

Lucky, the little black kitty, was very anxious and it took him some time to come out from his hiding places. The other cats at the rescue really helped Lucky find some comfort and he began to come out of his shell more and more. Now he’s always visible and loves to cuddle on the bed. Lucky was just adopted!

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