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Hobo's Home, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We have a cat believed to be a senior who originally came to us in very rough shape. He had clearly lived a rough life; hence his name: Keith Richards!

He has already had a dental surgery in which almost all of his teeth were removed. We were then told by the vet that his ongoing eye issues and eye infections were due to needing bilateral entropion surgery. Entropion surgery corrects eyelids that turn inward, which is aggravating to the eye. In the words of a vet, it feels "like having sand in the eye" and causes irritation. This operation would greatly improve, or completely get rid of, the eye issues that Keith seemed to be dealing with.

The estimate for this surgery was over $700, which was really not in our budget, as we were just founded in 2020 and run off of a very small budget -- usually only a few thousand dollars total at any given time. Keith has been a very high-expense cat, but we didn't want to turn a blind eye to him -- no pun intended.

Because of the Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant, we were able to get Keith's eye surgery scheduled for April 24, 2023! He has now had the surgery and is recovering so he can get ready to finally find his forever home soon.

Because of this generous grant, we were able to get this cat's eyes taken care of so he doesn't have to be in pain or have reoccurring eye infections any more. He is very friendly and adoptable. Keith Richards is currently posted on Petfinder.

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Keith Richards lived his entire life outdoors before coming to us. He was unwanted and was frequently and literally kicked aside and away from the door to a house were he was crashing. He wanted nothing more than for someone to “give him shelter” and just wanted to go inside a home to live out his life and be loved!

One of our board members saw him in this situation and reached out to Hobo’s Home’s founder to get him considered for intake. We took him in and have been working on getting him all the medical care that he truly required ever since.

He is a very sweet cat and still available for adoption, We have faith that he will find the perfect home and are keeping him comfortable while he waits for that day to come! You can meet Keith Richards here.

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