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Stray Cat Relief Fund: Cat Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

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This grant helped save Birdie's life. Without the surgery, she wasn't expected to live for very long and would continue to have seizures that would ultimately take her life.

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Birdie was a kitten who was rescued in a junkyard and initially seemed like a normal, playful kitten until she started having major medical issues. Her wonderful foster mom notified us that Birdie had been having some seizures. She was immediately taken to vet and was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy caused by a congenital portosystemic liver shunt.

What this means is that Birdie was born with an extra blood vessel that goes around her liver. Therefore, her blood wasn’t getting passed through and filtered by her liver like it was supposed to. As a result, toxins from normal gut bacteria were remaining in her bloodstream instead of being filtered out by her liver. These toxins built up in her brain, causing brain swelling and serious neurological symptoms. If untreated, hepatic encephalopathy is lethal. Therefore, liver shunts must be located via ultrasound and then surgically closed off in order for cats like Birdie to live a normal life span.

A day after Birdie’s surgery, she was back to her usual self — playful, cuddly, energetic, and so incredibly adorable. We are forever grateful for the generous donation that the Petfinder Foundation supplied.

Birdie was adopted in March of this year and she is adored and loved so much. Her mom says that everyone that Birdie meets instantly falls in love with her. Birdie is a special girl who needed a miracle. From the generous donation from this grant, Birdie was able to get her the surgery to save her life. Without this surgery, Birdie would not have survived. Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, Birdie is living her best life.

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