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Women's Animal Center: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Women's Animal Center is appreciative of the Petfinder Foundation for its advocacy and action on behalf of homeless animals, and specifically grateful for its award of a $1,000 Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant.

I should note that Women's Animal Center has seen a recent uptick in the number of senior pets surrendered due to the death or severe illness of their owners. Currently, we have 15 cats in our care between the ages of 7 and 14, many of whom have come to the shelter in this way.

If the Foundation would prefer that we promote another cat or a senior dog through the Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant program, I would be glad to provide the required information. Of course, we will continue to proactively seek a home for our friend, Kirk!

How many pets did this grant help?


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Originally, we sought the funding to provide an adoption incentive for Sophie, a senior, diabetic cat. When Sophie was adopted, her new parents were made aware of the grant and that Women’s Animal Center would be able to help defray the costs of insulin, prescription food, etc., up to $1,000 to assist with Sophie’s care.

While the adopters appreciated the offer and were impressed by the Petfinder Foundation’s generous support, they stated that they were financially comfortable and would prefer that the stipend be made available to another pet and family in need.

I wrote to Melissa at the Petfinder Foundation and asked if it would be possible to attach the grant to another senior pet. I suggested a 12-year-old diabetic cat named Kirk. Melissa graciously agreed to allow Women’s Animal Center to connect the grant with this alternate pet.

Unfortunately, Kirk has yet to find his forever home. In addition to his Petfinder profile, Women’s Animal Center has shared Kirk on our social media platforms. We have several events coming up, including an adoption event, that will bring additional traffic to our shelter, and we are hopeful that just the right person will stop by and a love match will be made between them and Kirk.

In the meantime, Kirk continues to get excellent medical care as well as plenty of affection and enrichment from staff and volunteers. We hope to be able to contact the Petfinder Foundation with good news of Kirk’s adoption soon, and respectfully ask the Foundation to allow us to continue to offer the Senior Pet Adoption Assistance funding to whoever is fortunate enough to make Kirk a part of their family.

You can meet Kirk here.

UPDATE July 5, 2022: Happiness is a shelter pet adoption! Handsome Kirk, who had been with us for over a year, finally headed home with his new and happy mom.

This short-hair tabby senior cat (age 12) was surrendered to Women’s Animal Center in May of 2021 after his person sadly passed away. He is very affectionate and loves to be held. And one of his distinguishing characteristics is the fact that he is polydactyl on all four paws.

Kirk is a diabetic cat and required special food and medicine, which he received while here at the shelter, along with compassionate care and love. Kirk required a home with a person truly committed to his care. And he finally found that special person.

Kirk is a one-of-a-kind, loving, and gentle cat and we are grateful to his new mom and to all of our kind adopters for providing loving forever homes for shelter pets, and to our donors who help support our lifesaving work for animals in need.

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