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Miss Gabriel Foundation: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

For Miss Chloe and her sons Mr. Dean, Mr. Ethan and Mr. Flynn: their medical bills and special feeding requirements for all of them throughout their care here in our rescue.

It helped us focus on getting Chloe back to health while keeping her newborns alive. We knew we had some help and could focus more on the care of this new family.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Miss Gabriel Foundation is a medical-needs-only rescue. We take in dogs who are too sick to survive in shelters and many are on the euthanasia list at these shelters due to the cost and care required to fix them up. Miss Chloe was found abandoned on a property where she, her 1-year-old son and her 7-year-old mate were all alone for about two months. Her son was found in a similar condition but not as bad as she was. Her son was placed in another rescue, as was her mate.

Miss Chloe (first photo) arrived at our rescue in poor condition. She had a skin disease and was emaciated, with dog-bite wounds to her face and back (second photo). We took her in for our routine veterinary check the next day, which we perform on all rescues to determine their health issues and formulate a treatment plan to bring them back to health. Part of this routine is lab work and x-rays. Chloe was found to have at least six puppies in her skinny belly and was due in about two weeks.

For some reason, she went into labor two days later. Four puppies were stillborn and three survived. Mom was placed on antibiotics and she tried very hard to nurse her puppies. Due to her own sickness and condition, she was unable to provide enough milk to support the surviving puppies. We had to step in and bottle-feed the puppies to supplement them until we were able to crash-course them into wet puppy food before their eyes and ears had even opened yet.

During this time, we found that part of the reason Chloe’s condition had spiraled out of control was that she had a food allergy. We had to place Chloe on limited-ingredient puppy food without any chicken or beef in it. We assumed the puppies may have had food allergies too, as her 1-year-old son also was suffering from allergies as well. This meant we needed limited-ingredients food without chicken or beef for the entire family.

Thanks to this grant, we were able to provide the medical care they have needed since they arrived. We have spent over $1,600 on the medical bills alone and about the same amount on their special food and formula. It is just my husband and me taking care of this family as well as eight other dogs needing specialized care. We are unpaid and as it is we have spent more than $16,000 of our own money on our rescue for the year 2016.

This grant made it possible to save this dog and her puppies. Chloe and Flynn (third photo) are still needing to find forever homes but Dean (fourth photo) and Ethan (fifth photo) have already found theirs. We DNA-test all our rescues as well as altering them, microchipping them, making sure all their vaccinations are current, their heartworm and Lyme disease preventatives are current they have a current county license.

The DNA tests say they are all purebred American Staffordshire terriers. All three boys have the same father and the boys are not inbred. It was important for us to find out, since Chloe was left on the property alone for two months with two unaltered males, her mate and her son.

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