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Miss Gabriel Foundation: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Miss Charlie came to us very sick and ended up needing much more done than expected. These funds went to treat her skin condition, help pay for her vaginal hyperplasia surgery and her eye distichiasis surgery.

We only rescue sick dogs like Charlie, but this helped pay for some of her medical care, since most of the funds come from our pockets to pay for these sick guys. This grant helped us make sure all the sick dogs in our care got the treatment they needed instead of one sick rescue depleting all the funds.

How many pets did this grant help?

One directly, but it helped with all eight

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Miss Charlie says: “Hi, my name is Miss Charlie. I am a neglect case from Chowchilla, Calif. Doctors think I am 8 months old. I am a Presa Canario/American Staffordshire terrier/bulldog mix, according to my DNA test. A full DNA report will be given to my adoptive family, as will my complete health records. Here is my story from my point of view.

“I showed up on a stranger’s porch. He called for someone to come and get me. On Sept. 13, 2017, an animal control officer from the Madera County Animal Shelter came and picked me up. I was sick, scared and showing signs of physical abuse as well. ACO Michelle took me to see a vet right away and started me on treatment. I was placed on a treatment plan until a rescue could come get me.

“Shelter staffer Sandy put out a call for my rescue on the same day. Sandy knew to tag Miss Gabriel Foundation in the post. MGF responded on Sept. 14, asking about my condition and if any local rescues were coming to help me. No one was coming and no one was interested. As it so happened, a lady named Katie had found a paid transport that could take me as well as another rescue down to MGF, but it was the next day. MGF agreed to take me on if I could make the transport. Sandy and a lady named Debbie helped arrange for me to make the transport from one city to the other and on to MGF.

“Michelle drove me to the transporter named Cheryl to get me to MGF. I was in need of ongoing medical attention, so I was transferred to MGF on Sept. 15. I had a severe skin disease and was in a lot of pain. I suffered from corneal scarring, eye infections, long nails, tapeworms, diarrhea and swollen paws. I was demodex-positive. Finding out what was wrong with me and the treatments were the expensive parts. Now that I am done with my treatments, I can be adopted out to a forever home. Meet me:”

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