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Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest: All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

All of the $2,000 was used for extraordinary veterinary expenses for retired racing greyhounds in our adoption program. Their injuries and illnesses were outside the standard veterinary care we provide all our dogs (spay/neuter, dentistry, vaccinations, and parasite testing and control).

Your grant allowed us to provide specialized diagnostics and treatment by veterinarians for several dogs who had medical conditions that precluded their adoption until the conditions were resolved. We had already had medical expenses above our budget for several greyhounds we brought into our adoption program earlier in the year. The grant funds made it possible to have the dogs treated immediately and for us to pay the veterinarians in a timely manner.

How many pets did this grant help?

Three retired racing greyhounds were helped by your grant.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Mikey (first photo) is a 4-year-old male who began having vomiting and diarrhea during our transport of a group of dogs from the track to Portland. During April and May, he received an examination, radiology for a suspected blockage, special testing panels and allergy testing for chronic diarrhea; the costs for these procedures was over $800. With treatment, his symptoms had improved to the point that he is now listed as an adoptable dog; Mikey is a beautiful fawn male with a particularly charming, outgoing personality, and we anticipate his adoption shortly. Meet Mikey:

Bea (second photo) is a sweet 4-year-old female who had a temporary cast on her leg when we transported her from the track into our program in April. X-rays showed she had a shattered rear ankle and she was operated on by a veterinary orthopedic specialist, who set the bones and put in a pin. She had subsequent x-rays to determine the progress of the bone’s healing. Her initial surgery was completed before we received the Petfinder Foundation grant and was more than $3,000, but we were able to pay off the remaining balance and progress x-rays for a total of $680. She was not offered for adoption during her surgery and post-operative care in a foster home, but she was recently offered for adoption and a local family just chose to adopt Bea.

Darla (third photo): This little female is only 3 years old and has had several unusual medical problems that the grant helped us deal with. While in our care in May, she somehow got her left front foot stuck in a cyclone fence and sliced one of her toes down to the tendon. She received immediate emergency care to stitch the area, as well as laser treatment to promote healing and a splint to immobilize the area. She healed very well and was placed in a foster home prior to adoption. Then we noticed she had several broken teeth, and x-rays revealed three broken teeth that needed removal. We were able to have her dental surgery completed at that time for a cost of $455, and she is now a happy, healthy girl awaiting adoption. Meet Darla:

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