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Ponca City Humane Society: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds went to treat 5 parvo puppies that we obtained as strays. Our local vet graciously reduced our cost to allow us to be able to treat the puppies at $250.00 each. We sadly have very limited income to treat parvo cases and financially we are always in a bind. We are very thankful for the donation since it allowed us to save 3 of the puppies.

This grant allowed us to provide the much needed medical care for the litter of puppies. Some did not succumb to parvovirus while others became seriously ill. We sadly did lose 2 of our puppies. All of the remaining puppies have been adopted and have wonderful homes now because of the support offered by Petfinder Foundation and Orvis!

How many pets did this grant help?

The grant allowed us to treat 5 parvo puppies. Even though the cost was $250.00 each, our veterinarian helped us reduce the cost lower to cover all 5 puppies for $1000.00. We were very grateful for Dr. Free's assistance and support.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Roxy and Her Babies: A Story of Survival and Determination to Win the Odds

PCHuS was contacted back in beginning of March 2013 by an individual who had found a stray that had had puppies behind our local skate park. We at that time did not have room to take the stray and the puppies in but we were able to secure the person who found them to keep them as a temporary basis as a foster. She was able to house them momentarily but began to inform us that her neighbor was trying to take the mother dog, now named Roxy. Roxy sadly was stolen from foster’s yard on March 17th. The puppies, who were still nursing, were found scattered in the driveway of the home. Luckily, the foster was able to locate all 8 of the puppies. We scrambled for fosters and were able to find two fosters that were willing to take the puppies in. They were fostered for roughly two weeks and returned to our facility. Roxy was eventually found at our local Animal Control and we were able to reclaim her from there.
The puppies continued to thrive but sadly they were exposed to parvovirus by another litter of puppies that we obtained from our local Animal Control that same week. Of the 8 puppies, only 5 came down with parvovirus. All were admitted into our local vet and aggressive treatment was started. Sadly, we lost 3 of the female puppies. We were very saddened that with even aggressive treatment we were unable to save them all. The remaining puppies recovered well and our first puppy from that litter, Disco, was adopted on March 8th. The second puppy from that litter, Buster, was adopted on March 10th. Disco went home with a lovely young lady. While Buster now named Ace, was adopted by a father and son/daughter team. On June 12th, Linus was adopted by the Wyckoff family and they adore him. Hank, our last male puppy, was adopted on July 5th by the Browns. Our last puppy to be adopted was Pepper. She was growing fast and making friends here but had no luck being adopted. That was until Nate from Wichita, KS looked through PetFinder and found her picture. He contacted us and request more information. He loved what he heard but it was until we sent him a video that he was “sold.” He arrived on July 11th, did a meet & greet, and fell in love. He adopted her on the spot! We wish all the puppies the best in their new homes.

The only animal left in this story is Roxy herself. She is a 1-2 year old Catahoula mix, adorable, outgoing, friendly, and smart dog. She is still looking for that forever home which we know will come one day for her. We do welcome anyone interested in Roxy to contact us. We promise that once you meet her in have some social time in our play yard, you would fall in love.

The Ponca City Humane Society does want to give Petfinder a huge Thank You! for the generous Orvis grant. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill small Humane Society that does not receive any government funding and relies on the good will and generosity of individuals, corporations, and adopters, and donors to keep us going. The survival of this family came down to the ability to obtained needed funding for the veterinary cost and ultimate vaccinations and spaying surgery. We are grateful for the support as well as Petfinder’s ability to help us network our animals to find forever home!

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