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Miller's Cause Animal Rescue, Inc.: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

During a time when adoptions across the state were almost nonexistent, this grant allowed us to get some very thankful dogs adopted through reduced adoption fees. We will continue to offer the sponsored adoption fees until all the grant money has been utilized (our plan is that every animal in our program will benefit from the grant and therefore have the same opportunity to be adopted).

How many pets did this grant help?

We are hopeful that 20 pets will be adopted through the remainder of the year.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Four dogs total thus far have been adopted through the sponsorship of this grant.

Shimmy (first photo) found herself surrendered to a local shelter due to being a tripping hazard for her owner. What they didn’t mention is that Shimmy weighed 127 lbs. when, just a year prior, she had been a healthy 45 lbs.

Through a very dedicated foster, trainer, and food and exercise plan, Shimmy has managed to lose more than 40 lbs. She still has about halfway to go on her weight loss journey, but she is making great progress and is so much happier and healthier. She was adopted by a close friend of her foster mom, so everyone is excited for the continued success for sweet Shimmy.

Jakey Blue (second photo) was a young pup who found himself homeless through no fault of his own. He was all puppy when we took him in and that can sometimes be a turnoff for some people, but not his adoptive family! They wanted an energetic pup who could keep up with their active lifestyle. He has a fur sibling and is spoiled rotten. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Next up was Reno (third photo). Reno was a stray at a local shelter and, despite his being microchipped, no owner came forward to claim him. Reno was grossly overweight for his size. Through a regimented diet and exercise program, Reno has continued to drop weight.

His adoptive family wanted a dog who could join them for walks around the neighborhood as well as outings with family and friends. He has been absolutely perfect and has continued to drop weight and become a healthier pup!

Kole (fourth photo) was a dog who came into our program with a badly damaged leg. After he got surgery and went through a lengthy recovery, we weren’t sure he would be anyone’s prime pick. His adoptive mama saw his picture and description and just knew he was the right fit. We are so grateful she saw through his previous hardships and took a chance on him. He is living the dream!

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